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Sea Cliff Village   Library

Sea Cliff & Central Aves.
  Sea Cliff, NY   11579
  (516) 671-4290
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Children’s Library

Sea Cliff Avenue
  Sea Cliff, NY 11579
  (516) 671-0420
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1pm – 8pm



9am – 5pm

10am – 5pm


9am – 5pm

10am – 5pm


9am – 8pm

10am – 7pm


9am – 5pm

10am – 5pm


10am – 4pm

10am – 2pm




Directions to the library

Standard Directions

These are easy to follow directions to the library.

  1. Take the Long Island Expressway, exiting onto Glen Cove Road going north.
  2. At the fork just before Glen Cove, bear right, (staying in the left lane) and make a left at the first traffic light after the fork onto Sea Cliff Avenue (a sign will tell you to turn left there for Sea Cliff anyway). There is a Land Rover dealership on the corner.
  3. Drive straight ahead for about five minutes through town, passing the post office.
    • The Main Library building is an old church on an elevated piece of land, on your right hand side, adjacent to Village Hall, and across the street from Arata's Deli and a restaurant called MUSU. There is a Stop Sign at the corner where the library is located. There is no parking lot, so, you park in the street on either side of the building.
    • The Children’s Building is called the Stenson Memorial Library and is across the street and a few doors down from the Main Library, on Sea Cliff Avenue, in the direction of the post office.

Scenic Route Directions

Here are directions using the "scenic route" off of the Northern State Parkway, using Roslyn Road.

The roads are winding, with a few forks, but, it's a great trip, for the adventurous. (If you decide to try it, just remember, whenever there is a fork in the road, bear left! Also, once you are on Roslyn Road, every turn you make is a left until you are almost here, reaching Step 9, where you make your only right turn, onto Sea Cliff Avenue!)
Here goes:

  1. Take Northern State Pkwy and exit onto Roslyn Road going north through Roslyn, passing the Duck Pond on your right.
  2. At the Clock Tower (Tower Place) make a right and drive through town to the end of the street where there is a traffic light.
  3. Make a left turn at the light, and then bear left at the fork, driving under the overpass.
  4. Drive straight ahead passing the William Cullen Bryant home (Cedarmere) on your left.
  5. At your first traffic light, make a left. You will be on Glenwood Road. You will pass the Engineers Country Club on your right, and then the Swan Club on your left.
  6. At the Stop Sign at the end of the road (next to the Swan Club), make a left, and then drive straight ahead, bearing left at the immediate fork in the road.
  7. Pass the power plant and stay forward, driving on Shore Road, soaking in the waterfront view, and then following the road uphill, where the name of the road changes to Prospect Avenue.
  8. Bear left at the first fork on Prospect Avenue.
  9. At the Stop Sign, at the top of the hill, make a right onto Sea Cliff Avenue. Then bear left at the immediate fork.
  10. At the next Stop Sign, park the car anywhere you want. You are now facing the main library.
  11. Get out of the car and pat yourself on the back for making it there, using the scenic route.