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Let us know what you would like to see at the library or what you think about what's going on!    We need YOUR feedback!! Email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Please see below for our current and past newsletters.

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Download this file (July Aug Sep 14 Newsletter WEB.pdf)July August September 2014 NewsletterJuly August September 2014 Newsletter1740 Kb
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Download this file (March April 2013 NEW NEWSLETTER WEB.pdf)March April 2013 NewsletterMarch April 2013 Newsletter1578 Kb
Download this file (January February 2013 NEWSLETTER WEB.pdf)January February 2013 NewsletterJanuary February 2013 Newsletter 1970 Kb
Download this file (Nov Dec 2012 Newsletter WEB.pdf)November December 2012 NewsletterNewsletter2166 Kb
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Download this file (July August 2012 Newsletter WEB.pdf)July August 2012 Newsletter WEB.pdfJuly & August 2012 Newsletter1770 Kb
Download this file (May June 2012 Newsletter Color WEB.pdf)May June 2012 Newsletter Color WEB.pdfMay & June 2012 Newsletter2758 Kb